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As a registered nurse with an education emphasized on health and nutrition I work with all kinds of clients. From clients with diabetes, GERD, hypo/hyperthyroidism, and allergies to mother's who just gave birth and want to reclaim their bodies.

Even as a Pro Athlete I have never once starved myself to stage. Diet should not mean starvation or deprivation. It should be a shift from dirty processed foods to clean, whole foods. The only deprivation that should happen is the deprivation of harmful foods that are not quality ingredients for your body. I firmly believe in weight loss being attained through a healthy calorie count while clients enjoy delicious food.

As a nurse and fitness coach I love nothing more than to help people! I understand that we're all busy which is why I offer 6, 8 & 12 week programs which include 24/7 access to me for any help you may need. If you think I can help you reach your fitness goals and you would like to be a part of the MotherFitness family, don't hesitate to reach out and find the program that is best suited for you!! It's time to make a change! This is YOUR time!!

ABOUT US: About Me
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When I first started my fitness journey, I was nothing like you see in the photo above. At 19 I moved from Jordan Egypt to the  US to pursue my dreams to be a fitness model and coach. My start on this path was nothing picture perfect, I started off skinny, lanky, and weak I could barely bench press the bar by itself, BUT it pushed me to be the person I knew I could be, a fitness model/coach What made me want to pursue this career with a body not made for it? Honestly, it's because I knew  I could do it, I knew that I had to work hard and be disciplined on what I ate and how I exercised. 

I was told by my friends and family that I didn't have the genetic gift, they would say "Zaid, you can't do it without the use of steroids and other illegal drugs." I shut all that noise out and began to find ways to get my body to gain muscle and lose fat naturally Through studying nutrition and focusing on mind muscle connection. 

little by little, I was hitting all my fitness goals and realized that If I can do this, anyone can! I found what worked for me, and I know I can find what works for you.  Anyone has the ability to make the same change as I did, no matter what others say around you, its possible. Its time to give yourself a chance!

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