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Got Bands?

I actually use three different types of bands! All the ones linked to the right are the ones that I carry on a daily in my gym bag, so the question you may be asking yourself is "do I really need all those bands?" truth is you do not. I however, see many different clients that are at many different levels. So the answer depends on a few things, for example if you are a beginner I would highly recommend the Peach Bands (that's the first option above) because they come in four different levels light, medium, heavy and x-heavy. They are very flexible and light so even if you are not a beginner these are great for things like side step warm-ups, side steps while planking, doing things like leg extensions at home and glute kickbacks. Another additional plus to these bands is that they are super comfy! However! They are not my end all be all for two reasons, they roll up quite a bit and they do not provide enough resistance for other workouts or if you are more advanced in your workout routine. Peach Bands Pros: Light weight, comfortable and perfect for beginners

Peach Bands Cons: They roll up quite a bit, may not provide enough resistance for more advanced athletes.

The MaxFit Bands (the second option above) has a lot more resistance, even their lightest band feels super heavy! They come in three different levels: light, medium and heavy. However, even the lightest one truly does feel pretty heavy, these are perfect for using with hip thrusts, squats, on the Stairmaster, basically it's perfect to pair with different movements and if you do not have machines available to you these are perfect for increasing the weight in resistance. I love to use them for hip abductors, they have helped me shape stronger curvier hips. I am naturally narrow so for me building curvier hips has not been easy and these have done the job perfectly! Above all, these are the most comfortable of the three and these do not ride up at all!

MaxFit Bands Pros: Super comfortable, does not ride up at all!

MaxFit Bands Cons: Very heavy, even the lightest band feels heavy

The X-Bands! I have had these the longest, I think I have had these for about four years now! Not a single tear in sight and they still look pretty new, the resistance on these are amazing still. I love these because they are thick, they are heavy and the lightest one is actually light enough for a beginner. These come in five different levels and so because of that you get the most resistance variability with this set. This is my most highly recommended set of bands because truly the least resistance band is perfect for beginners and doing things like side step activation movements and yet the heaviest one is perfect for bigger movements like hip abductions and for use on the stair master. The only draw back on these is comfort, they are not incredibly uncomfortable but if you're like me and you like wearing short shorts just make sure you are wearing lotion.

Secondly, these bands do ride up a bit but not as much as the Peaches Bands, they will especially roll up when  you are using them in the Stairmaster so that may be annoying for some people. However if you can get over the fact that they roll up these provide the best resistance variability. X-Bands Pros: The lightest band is actually light and the heaviest band provides great resistance for growth. Last a very long time without losing it's resistance.

X-Bands Cons: They are not the most comfortable on bare skin (make sure to wear lotion) and they do roll up, especially when using them on the stair master.

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